We at 1689 Society desire to have Christ at the center of all things. We have a passion for rich, Christ centered theology! We are Particular (aka Reformed) Baptist, unashamedly so, but it is Christ that we want to exalt. 


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Our Story

We love our rich theological heritage, however, we also noticed that more than just theology was being carried over from the past. We saw that outdated content and a lack of appreciation for creative media became a characteristic stigma of most reformed baptists.

We are not here to be “relevant”, what we want is to imitate and glorify God, in all things. God is the sovereign Creator of this beautiful world and He has given humanity an aesthetic. The ability to recognize beauty, appreciate art, and to create. Biblically we can see that He took attention to detail in the design of His creative works. Therefore, we feel that Christians should have a conviction about theological integrity without sacrificing creative content. We must seek to do all things with excellence and to His glory, why should our mediums used to promote this rich theology not be given the same attention to detail. 

In a nutshell, that’s us. We want to promote Christ centered theology from a reformed baptist perspective expressed through beautiful media and content all to the glory of God.